In which side am I ?

i’m on or in this monitor, i’m a sentence, i’m what connect my sense with otherness,

intellectus and intelligibile exchange continuously their being, i read and  we are what you are reading, now i’m your intelligible share of  the world, but what am I? I’m a screen, or a monitor, a sentence or a bit, a pixel or a shape?

in which side of reality am I?

i am an human being, now.

concurrently the moment of the real is manifesting what is a moment in each part of the street, the city, the nature, the world. I like thinking about this.

Human being’s innovation let us to transfer our sense on a support, first stone, papyrus, paper, than we, letter, as you human join the moon or other planets, now we letter join the bit, the electric corrent, as your mind join your body.

or does the body join the mind?

now i’m happy that i should visit the world thanks with internet era,

now i’m in Vigevano, where i am now? no, i’m in a computer trip, trap or track?

now is what we call moment, moment is how we decompose the time, eternal time as we want, and the moment is what is in it all. future come to present and become past. but it is always a moment, and then? take your peacefull moment and bring it to all the time you are.  now i’m in this ethereal world, in a screenshare, or in a body, i know i’m not only those things.

now i’m reading Marsilio Ficino, a neoplatonist,

i try to translate: “Search you therefore outside of the world. But to search you and find you outside it, fly over. Rather, look over. Because when understand the world, you are outside of it.” (Marsilio Ficino, Teologia Platonica, Bompiani. 2011)

we are words on screenshare, we are the intellgible that become intellect and intellect that becomes intelligible.

The moment decomposes time as a little quantum that compose  body. what part of the body we are? aha, John Locke wants to say yes.

now we abuse of electricity and move from an electric city to an electric impulse in a neural circuit, but we are not the electricity, it is a manifestation, as these words or worlds are.

words are a symbol of what is visible that take a message of what is not visible,


am i a sentence or a human?

the sentence has not sense.



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